#8] TROPHY BOY/2018/A BLURB book

From Trophy Boy:

The photographs were taken between May 2016 and April 2017 with an iPhone pressed flush against the plate glass window of Package Menswear, a merchant specializing in men’s designer underwear, activewear and swimsuits, whose shop at 1114 West Fifth Street, in Austin, Texas, occupied the center of three street-level storefronts. The mannequins were arranged, and rearranged, within a narrow, enclosed window display area, a diorama when viewed from the street, with simple decorative backgrounds, provocative apparel and enigmatic tableaux—that is, if a viewer fell under the spell of a window dreaming. At the end of April 2017, Package Menswear relocated into the east corner storefront, a renovated space previously occupied by the Black Swan Yoga Studio. The remaining mannequins (half of the original eight had been damaged and replaced with white egghead drones) were placed side-by-side in a disconnected chorus line facing the street, bathing suits hanging on metal racks behind them blocking a view of the store’s interior, now reduced to semi-nude salesmen appealing to a one-way rush hour traffic corridor devoid of pedestrians. The mannequin’s former repertoire of desire-infused pantomimes of what you might become, if only—had ended.

The first fifteen pages may be viewed at the BLURB website with link below: