The Pine Forest subdivision of Bastrop, Texas was photographed by Mark Goodman in black & white (1996-2001), in color (2009-2010), and one final image taken with a borrowed digital camera, on September 16, 2011, following the Bastrop County Complex Wildfire that started September 4, 2011, a Sunday afternoon on Labor Day weekend. This wildfire burned along a twenty-four mile front consuming thirty-five thousand acres—half of the Lost Pines Forest—including Goodman’s three acres, house of twenty-four years, and the places he photographed. It was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history. Five thousand people evacuated, two people died, nearly seventeen hundred homes and businesses were destroyed, and a million and a half trees vanished. Forest Bathing is a poetic view of what was lost—seen ante incendium—and is a companion volume to the 2016 Blurb book, Out of the Smoke and into the Flame, that included photographs of the wildfire’s destruction by Sybil Miller and a personal essay by Mark Goodman.

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